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To install a network is $200 one time fee and a monthly cost of $25/month including domain name, hosting and ssl certificate all setup for you automatically after signup completion.

So our saas network is prebuilt so that you have a fully functional web hosting network. you can easily design and deploy website for your clients. create online web applications.  You can create custom website templates and sell it to your customers. The system can take in customer information, payment details and automatically provision the customer with a fresh wordpress installation. 



Of Course, we have different hosting plan packages so that later down the road if you need more performance you can always scale up your network to meet your customer demands

Well me neither, when i first started as a website design freelancer, i didn't know how to code neither. just have some basic knowledge of html and css and a passion for building website. i wanted to have a system that can host my client website so i dont have to be an affiliate to other hosting company. using wordpress multisite really help me create and deploy client website. the great thing about wordpress is that there is a huge community out there with alot of software/ plugins already built so we can just simply drag and drop with no coding experience require to build the saas hosting business

we use stripe payment processor as our main payment gateway. Stripe payment is secured and simple to use that's why we always recommend stripe payment gateway to our customers as well.